What Execs and Decisions Makers Need to Know about Global Compliance Training

Rolling out, monitoring, and managing compliance training can be challenging with even small and medium-sized businesses, but it can be nearly impossible for a large corporation with locations in multiple countries. However, it is essential that you provide this training to your employees and managers despite those challenges.

What Is Global Compliance Training?

Simply put, global compliance training is nothing more than providing training in your company’s code of conduct and other compliance-related policies to all individuals within your business, regardless of the nation in which they are located. Obviously, this can present some serious logistics issues – delivering the same training to employees in multiple countries can be time consuming and expensive.

Who Needs Global Compliance Training?

The simple answer here is that every single corporation must provide compliance training to its employees, managers, and decision makers. It does not matter what your industry or niche might be.

What Is Global Compliance Training All About?

The key is in the name of the training itself – compliance. Compliance with what, though? There are many things, and running an international business means that you will have different (additional) compliance requirements than someone operating a small business that does not operate outside the UK. Some of the elements you will need to cover in compliance training include the following:

  • Code of conduct
  • Dress code
  • Anti-corruption training
  • Anti-competitive activities
  • Ethics
  • Fraud and theft prevention
  • Insider dealing
  • Record keeping

These are just a few of the topics that may need to be covered in your global compliance training.

What goes into creating a successful training programme, though?

Creating a Robust Global Compliance Training Programme

There are several ingredients you will need in order to successfully roll out a global compliance training programme, as well as ensure employee engagement.

  • Tailor Content for Cultures – What is considered inoffensive in one culture can be very offensive in another. You have two choices here. You can either create your training programme to be culture-agnostic, or you can create culture-specific training programmes. Both options can work.
  • Go Online – The sheer cost and complexity involved with rolling out an in-person training programme across national borders makes traditional classroom learning less than ideal. Instead, consider online global compliance training. These programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and come at a much lower cost than classroom training.
  • Custom Content – It is important to customise the training in your programme. You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach here. Your employees need to feel that your training material was written specifically for them, so you’ll need to customise based on not just nation and culture, but also position and even career path.
  • Language – You must ensure that your global compliance training programme gives your employees access to training material in their native language. While they might speak English, if it is not their native language, there will be a barrier to understanding and engagement. Not only will this require you to have content translated into various languages, but you also need to leave the appropriate amount of space within your online training materials for languages that require more space than English.
  • Local Experts – It is not enough to provide an online training programme. You must also provide support for employees who might struggle with the materials, accessing the training programme, and more. In most cases, this will fall to HR staff in your various remote offices, but you may also need other support staff.

With the right global compliance training programme, you can ensure that your employees receive the training and education necessary.

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