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Resources Section

2019 Integrity Benchmark Report

The Integrity compliance learning team gathered insights from 134 global firms who collectively train 2.7 million learners each year.

A Learning Guide to Recognising Harassment in the Workplace

A guide for HR, learning and compliance professionals

Top 50 Compliance Training Tips

This series of tips is the result of Interactive Service’s 25+ years of developing compliance training for Fortune 500 companies.

WEBINAR Recording: New ICT 2019 eLearning - US Launch Event

Matt Plass, CEO - Interactive Services US, shows us the latest in compliance training innovation

WEBINAR Recording: Sexual Harassment eLearning Launch for 2019

View the complete webinar and get ready for the new year

WEBINAR: Sexual Harassment eLearning Launch for 2019

Prepare for the new year.

WEBINAR: Building a Compliance Learning Program with Kim van Doorn

Learn how to build a global compliance learning program.

WEBINAR: ``Sexual Harassment Training - Complying with New Legislations``

Learn about the evolving state, federal and international legislation and what it means for your learners.

WEBINAR: How BNP Paribas Won ``Best Compliance e-Learning of 2017``

Learn about how BNP Paribas won the ``Brandon Hall Gold``.

My First Year: A New Approach to Onboarding Training

How you train your employees on day one is critical to their success in the business. Here’s how to do it right.

Corporate Compliance Training for Pharma and Healthcare

How to make corporate compliance training specific to the Pharma and Healthcare industries.

WEBINAR: How BNP Paribas Won ``Best Compliance e-Learning of 2017``

Learn about how BNP Paribas won the ``Brandon Hall Gold``.

My First Year & KFC’s Onboarding Training

Learn about My First Year and get tips on onboarding training.

Biogen’s Compliance Training Program

Learn from how Biogen put together a world-class compliance training program.

Video: Interactive Compliance Training

This video highlights Interactive Services’ Interactive Compliance Training – an innovative compliance learning solution.

Webinar Recording: How To Win Brandon Hall Gold

Webinar Recording: How To Win Brandon Hall Gold.

Gamification of Compliance Training

Global organizations are always seeking ways to improve their training.

Video: KFC – The Case for Performance-Based Training and Gamification

Discover how KFC built a business case and is now implementing its innovative new training program.

GDPR Training Walkthrough

GDPR Training for global audiences.

Video: Compliance Training Tips for Technology Companies

Compliance Training Tips for Technology Companies: Get insight from LinkedIn and Interactive Services’ teams on how technology companies make great compliance training.

The Many-to-Many Classroom

How do we ensure face-to-face training is collaborative, engaging, and meets the needs of a modern audience?

Custom eLearning Case Study: Wealth Management Compliance Training

This case study focuses on compliance training that incorporates storytelling and fun animation.

Webinar Recording: Who Needs GDPR Training?

Get GDPR ready!

Webinar: Who Needs to be Trained on GDPR? – UK & EU Focus

Get your employees ready for the introduction of the GDPR.

How to Enhance Your Onboarding Program

The full webinar recording about what you can do to offer the best onboarding experience.

Download: Compliance Training Transformation Study

Learn how you can transform your compliance training through a four-week onsite study.

Video: Compliance Training for Global Audience

Learn how to design your compliance training for reaching a global audience.

2019 Integrity Compliance and Ethics Learning

134 Firm Benchmark study

DOWNLOAD: Harassment Prevention

Training Your Workforce