On-Line Compliance Training

Why Compliance Training is Important

Business organisations function in a world of increasing complexity and ever-expanding regulation.  Even the most skilled and knowledgeable workforce will have difficulty in keeping abreast of developments, and the risks involved in failing to address this issue are considerable.  However, offline or online compliance training should not be considered simply as a way of avoiding hazards; good training will also be important in maintaining a respectful and stable working environment, to the benefit of all employees, as well as assisting in achieving business objectives.  A confident workforce is likely to be more productive and less prone to absenteeism and staff turnover.

Is Compliance Training Necessary in Every Organisation?

Some legislation and regulation applies across a narrow band of business activity – the rules applying to heavy machinery would be an example.  But virtually every workplace needs to be aware of its obligations in areas such as

  • Sexual harassment
  • Health and Safety
  • Discrimination
  • Data protection
  • Ethics and corruption
  • Privacy
  • Financial regulation

–  The list continues to grow.

Why Choose On-line Compliance Training?

Only the largest organisations are in a position to employ full-time compliance training staff.  Most businesses will need to call on training from outside, and for them the advantages of an e-learning course are clear:

  • It is cost-effective compared with classroom based training, particularly when the classroom is remote from the place of work
  • E-learning is able to call on the widest range of skills and expertise, and the most up-to-date information and examples
  • Learners can work at their own pace and convenience, minimising production downtime
  • Participants can store and subsequently refer back to training material
  • Learners can set up their own individualized objectives

The best e-learning compliance courses can overcome the drawbacks sometimes associated with online courses, such as the lack of classroom interaction and trainer feedback, by incorporating opportunities for discussion forums and follow-up.  Another concern, that the course may not be a good match to the needs of the organisation, can also be overcome by effective liaison and planning by the learning provider.  Many courses can easily be adapted by inserting screens custom-made for the organisation.

Certification and Accountability

From the employer’s point of view, an important benefit of online compliance training is that the training package can incorporate completion and achievement returns in a form which provides at-a-glance information for managers.  The organisation has training records in a readily-accessible format which can be shared and understood by stakeholders.

What Does On-Line Compliance Training Look Like?

A good e-learning course does much more than provide facts and test knowledge.  For example, an interactive online course will engage the learner and hold their interest with a mixture of scenarios. interactive screens, videos, quizzes, and other appropriate learning tools.

How Does Staff Respond to E-Learning Compliance Training?

The opportunity to fit essential training around their other commitments is a bonus for many employees, particularly those with limited flexibility to travel or change their working time, or those who work from home.  Working at their own pace is also an advantage, for example to those who may find it helpful to repeat a module.  It is well known that much of what is learned in training is generally forgotten soon afterwards; but e-learning course material remains available, in a readily-accessible form, unlike classroom notes and hand-outs which are rarely kept.

Accessibility Issues

The availability of a choice of languages is a factor to consider for organisations with a multi-cultural workforce, as are options for those with visual or hearing impairment.   These are examples of the kind of flexibility which on-line compliance training can offer to organisations with a diverse workforce.

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