WEBINAR: Sexual Harassment Training - Complying with New Legislations

With new sexual harassment training requirements launching in the US and an evolving culture of anti-harassment in Europe and Asia, learning professionals are looking for guidance on who needs to be trained and what constitutes a valid sexual harassment training program.

In this free 40-minute webinar, Mark Dorosz and Matt Plass from Interactive Services walked through the evolving state, federal and international legislation and what it means for your learners.


1. Understanding Cadence, Content and Chronicle
2. Role based training
3. HOT TOPIC: New York City anti-sexual harassment requirements
4. Building a corporate culture to end workplace sexual harassment

The insights will be relevant for learning professionals responsible for running compliance training at global companies, regardless of industry.

As of October 2018 the details for California and Delaware sexual harassment laws, mentioned in this webinar, have been updated. For more information visit our blog on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.

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