How BNP Paribas won ``Best Compliance eLearning of 2017``

Earlier this year, the BNP Paribas compliance training team won our industry’s most prestigious award “Brandon Hall Gold for Best Compliance eLearning”. In this 40-minute complimentary webinar, Gary Collins, Managing Director, Ethics & Compliance Management Division, will share how his group revolutionized compliance training at one of the most heavily scrutinized companies in the world.


1. Recruit the right global compliance training team to BNP Paribas
2. Reduce average eLearning from 55 minutes 28 minutes without impacting the quality
3. Improve completion rates from 81.2% to 99.4%
4. Apply principles of learner engagement, real life scenarios, gamification and intuitive design
5. Win recognition from Federal regulators, the firm’s own board and Brandon Hall Group

The insights will be relevant for learning professionals responsible for running compliance training at global companies, regardless of industry.

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