Ways to Measure Cultural Change in a Company

Companies go through a lot of trouble to make the culture the best it can be. However, how do you know you have truly been successful? You cannot effectively measure culture change based on your own gut instinct. Instead, there are a few tools you can utilize to measure how effective your culture change truly is.

Measuring cultural change requires you to choose objectivity rather than subjectivity. For culture change to be effective, radical behavior must be shifted over an extended period of time. The leaders and employees of a company must have enough time to adjust to the new behaviors so that they can demonstrate them in a consistent manner.

You may also want to learn from healthcare leaders. Some of the most effective culture changes have been made in the healthcare field. One idea that many healthcare companies utilize is to assemble a culture change leadership team that gives members the opportunity to talk through online questions in small groups. Once the small group discussion has been completed, the groups then merge back together for a discussion that ultimately establishes future goals and an immediate action plan.

Understanding culture change can take time. After you have uncovered objective results of positive changes, you should take advantage of any opportunity that allows you to link well-known organizational successes to the changes that have been made in your company. You should not get discouraged if you feel like your change efforts are not where you want them to be. Culture evolution takes persistency and patience and with enough perseverance, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

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Published by Matt Plass and Dan Brown

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