KFC (YUM! Brands) and Interactive Services Receive Brandon Hall Award for Best Custom Content 2014!

The results are in! Brandon Hall has announced the winners of the 2014 Excellence Awards for all categories. We are pleased to announce that they have awarded a silver award to KFC and Interactive Services for KFC U.S. Mastery of Service in the Best Custom Content category.

The Best Custom Content Category is for self-paced, custom-designed online courses related to workplace learning. Awards are given based on the judges’ assessment of navigation, content presentation, use of media, interactivity, and engagement and support of training objectives.

Mastery of Service, or Capstone Game as it is better known in Interactive Services, is a great example of a game-based training solution and one of a number we have developed for our clients. The game aims to test KFC front-line staff on their customer service skills. It incorporates a range of features that are common among gamification solutions, including a timer, scoreboard, tokens, and lives. The game also uses real-world characters and is designed from the perspective of the KFC employee working behind the counter.

The use of game mechanics and the combination of the above features has made Service Mastery a big hit among KFC employees and the feedback from those who have taken the course to date has been fantastic!

Congratulations to all of those in both the KFC and Interactive Services camps who were involved in the development of this course and helped make it the success that it has clearly become. You should be very proud of this achievement!