Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training, the next generation for Global Compliance eLearning for 2019!

In February 2019, Interactive Services launched Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training, the next generation for Global Compliance eLearning for 2019!

These new developments to the courses we offer have been brought about as a result of feedback from clients and regulators, and discussions with Cordery Compliance and Nexxus on legal content.

The specialist content for the USA is in response to the Americans with Disabilities Act, government interaction, and the expansion of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; and we have new content for environmental health and safety, as well as data privacy.

For Europe, we have new content on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation with regard to customer service and research and development.

We have expanded our library of courses to take account of these new regulations, as well as developing our course content in response to the feedback we have received.

Watch the full recording of the webinar, where Matt Plass, CEO – Interactive Services US, shows us the latest in compliance training innovation


Here is a summary of the new content and enhanced features:

1. Customised Colour Codes

Clients now have the capability to dial in their own colour codes, and the changes that they choose to make will automatically be applied to the entire range of their courses.  It is a technology solution, an exercise in personalized branding, and it allows the client to give an Interactive Services module the look of their own brand.  The idea behind this development is to make it as easy as possible for the client to fit the Interactive Services courses into their own brand appearance.


2. New Images and Media Assets

This development is an improvement on the learning experience we offer our students, and in working on this we have looked very carefully at the way our courses work with a global audience, and how they resonate with the students.  The positioning of the imagery and the other media assets is important, which is why we have added a thousand new images and media assets to improve the overall visual design.  We know that this type of imagery helps the learning process, and making our courses effective and memorable is very important.


3. JAWS (Job Access With Speech) Text to Speech Reader

We believe we are the first company to offer this, and we have done it in response to the 508 Compliance regulations.  This is the US legislation that requires accessibility for disabled people, and now our courses offer this text to speech reader, not as an add-on, but as part of the package.  We have been doing this for the past two years, but whereas up to now it has been available when requested, today it is a standard feature.  Our programming team has done an impressive job here, in that they have built this important feature into the courses without compromising their quality.  It is almost certain that organisations will soon be requiring their training to be 508 Compliant, and our incentive for this important development was to ensure that we were ready.


4. Increase in Deployment-Ready Languages

We have almost doubled the number of deployment-ready languages that we offer for our courses.  This was in response to requests from our clients; we were already offering most of the languages they needed, but there were still some missing.  Clearly, for clients who have bases in several different countries, it is important for them and for their learners to be confident that they can understand the course content, and the best way for them to have this assurance is for the courses to be offered in their own languages.  This is a development that was needed urgently, and we responded it as quickly as we could.  We believe our language pack will now meet 95% of our clients’ requirements.


5. Menu Screen

This is quite a small change, but it is one that will be of great assistance to the learners.  It is quite simple data analytics, but it will allow the students to see and judge their own progress through the course, and to plan accordingly.  They can map their own progress, and also see at a glance how much more time they need in order to complete the course, and how many more individual topics there are before it has been finished.  It is easy to navigate, and it does hand over control of the learning experience to the learners themselves.  Not only that, but the content can be scaled so that the courses can be used on a mobile device, or across different types of device.  In this way, the learners are not tied to, for example, one desktop computer, but the same version of the course can be run on several different appliances.

6. Increased Learner Control

This innovation is also about learner control, but in this case, we are offering different ways of presenting the information.  We have still kept it simple for the students so that they always know what they have to do in order to complete the course successfully, but now there is a degree of autonomy in the sequencing of the information we offer, or of cutting it.  There are also some expanded interactions which are shown in the trial versions.


7. Question Level Tracking

This is a development that is designed to allow our clients to plan, adapt and focus on their training for the future.  It is a recording device, detailed and accurate, keeping track of every click, both in the scenario challenges and also the quiz questions.  Modern Learning Management Systems, such as Success Factors, Cornerstone on Demand, Litmos and so on provide native functionality, which makes this detailed information available to the client.  It is a clear and simple way of judging how the organisation is performing, which is the best basis for making decisions on how the learning programme should be planned for the future.


8. Editing Capability

We have given our clients a simple but sophisticated text editor.  This is no longer just a matter of changing a few words to make the content more relevant to the student, such as a name change of a department from, say, “Compliance and Legal” to “Compliance Department”; our clients can now open a course, overhaul a scenario or a quiz, or the introduction, return it to us, and we will then republish the edited course for them.  The client can edit every word of the text, add hyperlinks, format, and edit the menus and the content pages.  If it’s on the screen, it can be edited.  This development gives much more autonomy to the client, and, because it is simple, the cost of republishing is reduced as well.  It will not only be useful in terms of branding, but also in making sure that the course is exactly what the client needs for their own organisation.


9. Native Speaker Voice-Over

This is a comparatively small change, but it is one that makes a difference because it is concerned with first impressions. Many of our clients are multinationals, which means they have businesses in fifty or sixty or even more countries, even though their headquarters are here in the USA.  So when our courses are being run in English-speaking countries outside the USA, we are now offering the choice of the default US voice-over, or a neutral UK Irish voice, which can make a big difference in perception.  The content is the same, but if UK English will resonate better with learners outside the USA, that option is now available.  We still, of course, offer native voice-overs for France, French Canadian, German, Brazilian and Portuguese.


10. Bandwidth Control

Broadband connection in the USA and Europe is not generally a problem, but some of our clients have businesses in areas that are still on low bandwidth.  The new feature we offer interprets the internet connection, and, if it detects a low bandwidth, it will deliver the content is a slightly different way in order to take account of that factor.  The videos may be slightly lower grade, or, if it is necessary in order to get the content to the viewer, it might replace the video with images and text.  This means that the client can be confident that the content will reach all the learners, regardless of the quality of the internet connection.  This is really important for organisations who operate globally, or who have contingent or factory workers operating in places where there is little control over the environment in which the training is to take place.


Watch the full recording of the webinar, where Matt Plass, CEO – Interactive Services US, shows us the latest in compliance training innovation

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