How Did Your Corporate Compliance Training Vendor Perform This Year?

Over the course of six weeks this summer, Interactive Services asked the question “How is corporate compliance training performing today and how can we improve?” We conducted one-on-one interviews with over sixty learning and compliance professionals who shared both their organizations’ successes and personal frustrations with the state of corporate compliance training.

Here’s what we heard.

Top Headache: 66% Stated Managing Customization

66% of participants highlighted managing the customization of compliance training products to their firms’ unique needs as their biggest headache.  A major bank described how customizing an off-the-shelf workplace conduct course took 3 months to complete and consumed more financial and internal subject matter resources than simply building a solution in-house.

Number One Driver of Success: 75% Said Relevance Means Workforce Engagement

Similarly, 75% of participants stated relevant content was the primary driver of workforce engagement and the overall success of a compliance learning program.  While managing customization represents the biggest headache for many learning teams, when it’s done right, a compliance program relevant to the business will have the greatest impact in raising compliance awareness and positive behavioral outcomes.

Biggest Commercial Challenge: 81% Highlighted Punitive Pay-Per-Use Licensing Models

The corporate compliance training marketplace is currently dominated by Pay-Per-Use (PPU) licensing models where organizations incur cost based upon the number of employees who access a particular course.  81% of participants listed this as their primary commercial challenge. This antiquated pricing model was compared by one participant to a 1980s cell phone plan characterized by punitive hidden fees and a lack of transparency.  As organizations add headcount through acquisition and align compliance training to specific job roles, the PPU licensing model becomes even more restrictive and redundant.

The survey was useful in solidifying our own thinking that there is a better way to offer corporate compliance training to large organizations; we’re excited by both the challenge and opportunity going into 2015.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of compliance training today?  How can the market for compliance training be improved? What would you like to see done differently in the New Year?

We’d love to get your feedback and comments below. Alternatively contact us directly to discuss.

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