Compliance Training: Using Storytelling to Enhance the Learning Experience

Let’s face it. Compliance training is not exciting . Nonetheless, compliance training is not only necessary but highly important for every organization to protect itself and its employees.

The content of compliance training courses is often quite dull; and the poor design of many traditional training courses has left them with a negative reputation. But there are ways to change the negative associations employees have with this type of training. Yes, the content is rarely interesting but the way in which it is presented and delivered can make the learner’s experience far more enjoyable.

One method some companies are having real success with is through storytelling.


4 Reasons Why Your Compliance Training Should Tell a Story

  • Stories resonate with us

There is something about reading or hearing a story that captures our attention and interest far more than trying to absorb plain information. It’s the delivery of the information that counts. Whether employees are learning about the principles of anti-bribery, money-laundering, code of conduct or other compliance issues, they will respond far better if their training is packaged in the form of a story or if there are stories and real-life examples included as part of their training. Stories can be used in any method of training ─ eLearning, classroom learning or blended learning.


  • Training should emotionally connect with your learners

People crave human connection and stories are an ideal way to provide this. Stories contain characters that people can relate to and, as a result, become engaged with. Using characters, themes and plot lines in the process of training is a great way to connect with your learner audience on a deeper level. And when you connect with them, the likelihood is that they will retain more information from their training as the experience will mean more to them.


  • Stories enhance the learning process

Finding ways to explain the importance of compliance policies to your employees in the context of a story could really improve your training process. When information is conveyed through a story, it is transferred to a learner in a unique way. According to research, over 70% of what we learn is consumed through storytelling. This is something every organization should consider when developing a training program.


  • Stories inspire and motivate

The goal of any training program is to develop the knowledge, skills and talent of your target audience. Stories have a proven ability to motivate learners toward a common goal. Using a story as part of your training can encourage and inspire employees to take action. The training gets much closer to achieving its goal if employees leave feeling they have really learned something worthwhile.


For more information about the benefits of storytelling for compliance training, read Connie Malamed’s Why You Need to Use Storytelling for Learning.


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