Case Study: An Effective Learning Programme for a European Bank

Interactive Services helped a European bank to make substantial improvements in customers’ satisfaction with the bank’s handling of their complaints.  IS devised a custom two-part training programme, consisting of a classroom course and an online gamification element which took the form of an interactive video game. Compliance Training can be fun!

The classroom training focused on soft skills and experiential training; it was aimed at taking part in and learning through activity and practice, with very little theory.  Participants were given a workbook to take away and a credit card-sized reminder of the key elements of the course.

Online Training

To win at the innovative video game, players click on a region of an imaginary island populated by customers, where they see the individual customers located there and try to help them.  Each region of the island covers a different aspect of complaint handling. Players use their instinct to decide on the best possible outcome for that customer and their circumstances and are given feedback explaining why the correct answer was the best option.  Feedback from staff showed that they enjoyed the game and found it instructive.

Another feature of the online training which received praise from participants was a short video featuring two fictional bank employees. The video shows the young couple at their shared home.  The young man is seen carefully preparing to propose marriage to the woman, but when he begins the conversation with her, he is so nervous that he lapses into the kind of language he uses at work.  His approach confuses and upsets his partner and does not lead to the outcome he was expecting.

The training was so well received that extra courses needed to be arranged.  Positive results were seen using both qualitative (user feedback) and quantitative (NPS) metrics.  The staff’s increased confidence in their ability to handle complaints was also demonstrated by a substantial rise in their use of ex-gratia payments, an approach which the bank had hoped to encourage.

In response to these successful outcomes, IS are developing the course for use in other countries.

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