Corporate Gamification and How It Benefits Your Employees and Business

Corporate training, whether we’re talking about compliance training, leadership and management development, workplace ethics, safety and emergency procedures, or something else, is essential. However, you can have great content but still, find that employee engagement and information retention is very low. The answer might be corporate gamification. What is it and how might it help your business thrive?

What Is Corporate Gamification?

Humans have been playing games since the dawn of time. Game-playing helps teach social skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and more. When applied to training and educating your employees, it can offer many of the same benefits. In a nutshell, corporate gamification is nothing more than adding elements of game-playing to various types of training within your business. This can be simple – adding a competitive element by using leader boards to show who outranks whom in terms of units completed – or it can be complex – the development of actual digital games that teach core elements.

There are numerous elements of gamification, depending on the corporation in question, and the type of training being delivered. For instance, storytelling can help to keep employees engaged and moving forward. Challenges and levels help an employee track their progress and feel as though they are improving while teaching core content. Feedback through rewards helps incentivise improvements, and analytics help employers drill down into employee learning development.

How Does Corporate Gamification Benefit Employees?

Now that we know a bit more about what corporate gamification is, let’s take a look at the ways it can benefit your employees.

1. Complete Engagement

One of the most significant benefits of corporate gamification over traditional classes is the level of engagement employees are able to enjoy. Game playing creates a positive mood (through the release of dopamine in response to stimuli), which helps employees engage with and immerse themselves in your content.

2. A Sense of Control

Corporate gamification gives your employees a sense of control over their learning, and it also results in a sense of achievement when they perform well. This reinforces the messages taught in the content.

3. Skill Development

Gamification can be used to teach vital skills that employees need to know, including things like stress management and better communication skills.

4. Knowledge Retention

Gamification helps your employees retain significantly more knowledge than they would in a traditional classroom. That ensures they are able to apply that knowledge to their responsibilities on a daily basis.

How Does Training Gamification Benefit Your Business?

Not only does corporate gamification benefit your employees, but it also offers important advantages for your business.

1. Improved Feedback

In the past, corporate feedback on performance was slow and tedious, coming well after the fact. With gamification, that feedback is instant. In addition, gamification helps guide employees through their learning, reducing time and cost.

2. Easier Tracking

With corporate gamification, it is much easier for decision makers and managers to monitor and track employee training completion and performance. In addition, this provides better reporting for compliance authorities and others to whom you may need to report training progress.

3. Risk Reduction

Corporate training is all about risk mitigation. Compliance training reduces the risks that an employee will act in a way contrary to laws, rules, and regulations. Safety training reduces risks in dangerous situations. Corporate gamification helps reduce risk across the board, and it does so faster than traditional training formats can.

Ultimately, corporate gamificationdelivers vital benefits to everyone involved – employer and employee alike. It helps to improve engagement, as well as knowledge retention and can be a powerful risk reduction tool that helps you avoid non-compliance.

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