Practices To Abandon: Revamp Your Compliance Training

When teaching the finer points of legal code to your employee base, it’s important that they absorb all the information and understand how it applies to their position in the company. The delivery of information must be aligned with how people absorb it. One of the biggest mistakes in compliance training is assuming that the employees have as much background and training as you do. What might be a simple review for you is new, densely packed information in a new territory for others. Some practices just need a revamp!

Follow this handy guide to assist in tailoring an up to date and digestible training experience that will be much more effective.  and how you can break up larger sessions into logical chunks. Even with Interactive Services‘  compliance videos, it’s important to dole them out in a fashion that guarantees retention.


Limit Lessons to 30-60 minutes

Studies show that learning a new topic is most effective at 30-60 minutes. Viewers attentiveness and involvement peaks during this period before rapidly declining. After an hour of continuous learning, your ROI vanishes and the viewer’s eyes glaze over. It’s important to allow participants a minimum of a 5-10 minute break at this point.


MultiMedia format

Sitting in front of a computer, passively watching content will sap a person’s energy and interest. Even with 5-10 minute breaks, it’s important to keep the information on-screen relevant. Consider incorporating group involvement into your lesson plan. Get everyone standing and require their participation in a group exercise. This is a valuable way to cement the information that they just learned. Make them apply it to their own workplace with real-world examples.


Follow-Up Later

Instead of piling a lot of information up front and then letting it leak out of your employee’s ears for the next month, make sure you follow-up. It’s more effective to provide small chunks of information with follow-up to reinforce it weeks or even months later. This puts less stress on employees to learn everything the first time. A relaxed audience is like a relaxed sponge, ready to absorb all the important stuff!


Of course, well-designed training courses that are already interactive, with bullet-points, regular breaks and quizzes certainly help keep compliance training interesting and retention high. There will still be some work on your end, though. If you’d like to get started building a customized Compliance Training Curriculum, contact us.

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Request a Free 7-Day Trial of our eLearning Solutions