Healthcare Compliance and Auditing: Are You Prepared?

Strict adherence in healthcare compliance is vital, especially as regulatory auditing is frequent. In some instances it may mean checking a series of boxes in an employee handbook, in other situations it’s about transparency and protecting patient rights. In other scenarios- it’s a matter of life and death. Key training is a double fold process: employee performance and auditing preparation.


In many sub-sectors of the Healthcare industry, regulatory compliance training takes a back seat to products and services training. This is a dangerous position to occupy, as Federal and class action litigation over compliance discrepancies is a growing concern.


Compliance training requirements will affect a large portion of your organization, which means strict adherence to teaching requirements should be pursued by management. Fewer than half of Healthcare organizations self-report as highly prepared for an unexpected compliance audit.


The following are considered areas where your staff must be both knowledgeable and competent:

  • Organizational Standards of Conduct
  • Medicare/Medicaid Regulations
  • Internal Investigations and Inquiries
  • Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws
  • Federal laws and Regulations


The strategic management and delivery of Healthcare Regulatory Compliance courses should be directly applicable and practical to the employee’s job description. Healthcare organizations are under more scrutiny than ever. A robust training program will empower your practice to discharge its obligations regarding compliance and minimize legal and governmental enforcement risk.


Interactive Services will provide your organization with the tools it needs to prepare for regulatory audits and high employee performance. We’ve set the standard in compliance training, contact us today so that we can help you equip your employees to set the standard in compliance in the healthcare industry.

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