4 Pharmaceutical Compliance Training Tips

A culture of compliance. It sounds serious. All it truly means, though, is fostering an environment where employees at every level collectively adhere to your company’s code of conduct to achieve the highest caliber of business operations within the pharmaceutical industry.

Most people want to be productive, ethical team members. They just might need assistance getting there. This four-step process, when applied diligently, can help your organization establish a sustainable culture of compliance.

1. Use a top-down approach

What’s the use of compliance policies if they are disregarded by top-tier management? True to their name, all leaders must lead by example, exhibit ethical behaviour and consistently spread the appropriate message regarding corporate policies and procedures.

2. Reinforce the message

A single companywide email won’t suffice. After clearly expressing to staff your firm’s expectations regarding compliancy, provide reinforcement through an ongoing process of communication and workshops. Make continuous training opportunities available for new and existing employees.

3. Educate management

Your front-level supervisors will help regulate compliancy, but they must feel comfortable playing that role. Give them knowledge and resources to effectively and boldly respond to incidents that violate workplace ethics.

4. Try it out

Put your company to a test with a simulated crisis and watch how employees behave in stressful situations. Simulations help managers uncover areas where staff is asking the right questions and giving the right responses, along with areas needing attention.

Still feeling intimidated by the concepts of compliancy? Not to fear. Interactive Services is a global leader in compliance training, and we can work with your firm to develop the right workplace ethics program. Contact us today to discuss your training needs.

Published by Dan Brown and Matt Plass

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