3 Tactics to Help Employees Gain Understanding

Compliance training is a lot like swimming lessons. You’re bringing in a new batch of employees, and you want to make sure they can keep their heads above water before you throw them into the deep end. They don’t need to be perfect, but they need to be able to do the absolute basics, which in this case means they need to follow all rules and regulations that apply to their jobs. That’s not easy, especially for someone starting from scratch. Fortunately, these three tactics should help your employees gain understanding.


Tip #1: There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

When we’re talking about compliance training, it can literally mean the difference between doing the job right, and getting fired. So if your employees have questions, even if they are frustrating questions, you need to create an environment where they feel comfortable asking. Because it’s better to ask now, and feel a little embarrassed, than to do the wrong thing when it matters.


Tip #2: Understand, Instead of Memorize

There’s a big difference between memorizing the text of a rule or statute, and really understanding what it means. While memorizing the rules and knowing how to follow them is good, really understanding why they’re in place, and what they mean, is better. Encourage discussion and explanation, and make sure your employees aren’t just reciting the words you put in their mouths.


Tip #3: Find How Your Employees Learn

Different people learn in different ways. Handing someone a guide with all the rules might work fine for a few employees, but others will need different methods. Educational videos, roleplaying exercises, and group discussions should all be available to make sure every employee, regardless of their learning style, has an option that works for them.


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