Engaging Older Staff in E-Learning Training

With the reasonable cost, increasingly sophisticated technology, and convenience, an increasing number of companies are choosing e-learning for their corporate compliance training. Most employees are happy with the shift to e-learning, but some older workers find it harder to make the transition. Some employees in the baby boomer and silent generations continue to feel less comfortable with e-learning than having a trainer in the room with them.

Luckily, a few accommodations and modifications help these older workers, and other employees new to technology, adapt to e-learning compliance training. Try offering the following supports for these workers:

  • Offer live support and follow-up. Older employees are used to having a trainer or someone they can ask questions to during the activity. Although e-learning classes don’t usually offer this in the training itself, you can give employees a phone, Skype, or Facetime number for the training or IT department, so they can ask questions during the training if they come up.
  • Include technical directions. An online FAQ does wonders for workers of any age who feel nervous about technology. Give employees simple to follow technical instructions for how to run the training. Include troubleshooting solutions for common computer errors that might happen during the training.
  • Suggest completing e-learning training as a group. Each department in your company will have employees of differing ages and levels of comfort with technology. Encourage departments to take the e-learning compliance training together at a time convenient for everyone’s schedule. This way, not only can younger workers assist with technological aspects of the course, it also makes the training more interactive for everyone.

With the right professional help, your company will be able to develop an e-learning compliance training that works well for colleagues of all ages. For assistance developing or updating a great e-learning compliance training, contact us.


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