Benefits of Incorporating MOOC’s in Your Compliance Training

There are two major components companies are constantly concerned about: skills and time. Having a capable staff with a variety of strong skills is a necessity, and using time wisely is equally important. Despite indifferent opinions of Massive Open Online Courses, there are benefits of incorporating MOOC’s in your compliance training in a controlled manner.


  • Massive Open Online Courses allow employees to learn around tasks, and can be productive while listening or watching content. Productivity is a plus here.
  • You can control content and ensure that everyone has the information needed in a consistent manner
  • Less time in spent in company-wide trainings, and it’s making the employees accountable
  • Skills can be pinpointed and picked up by employees based on job function, department, and experience. No more spending time on individual components while taking away from the group during your compliance training


MOOC’s should not be the sole content of your training, but mixing it with other types of training such a classroom and custom e-learning will ensure that you’re reaching most learners and being cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more and amplify your compliance training.

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