How To Overcome The Top 5 Compliance Training Challenges 2018

How To Overcome The Top 5 Compliance Training Challenges 2018

As we move into a new year, is the annual task of planning and rolling out your mandatory compliance training keeping you awake at night!!Would you like some tips on how to overcome the top five compliance training challenges you’re likely to face this year? If you would, read on!!

“Why do I have to take this training again?”

You probably hear this question from time to time – if not every year! So, what can you do about it?

Learner fatigue is very common when it comes to mandatory compliance training, and it’s understandable – who wouldn’t get bored taking the same training year after year!

The way in which you communicate and roll out your mandatory training plays a key role in determining how people react to it.

“We have partnered with several of our clients to create communication strategies that use a variety of media, take place in short bursts over weeks or months, and create a real buzz around compliance training in the workplace.”

“This has no relevance to my job.”

How often do you get employees questioning why they must take mandatory compliance training? Frequently, I’d imagine!

So how do you convince employees that compliance training, while mandatory, can actually benefit them and help protect them, and your company?

Relevance– you need to ensure your training reflects the real-life experience of your employees.

“Our ICT training is built on the principles of engaging learning and real-life scenarios and is easily customizable so that you can tweak our real-life scenarios so that they fit with the way your organization operates.”
Paddy McGovern: Head of Compliance Content Strategy

“Compliance training is always boring.”

A common complaint I’m sure we’ve all encountered! So, how do you create engaging training that employees will actually enjoy taking?

One of way of doing this that both challenges and engages the learner is gamification.

“When it comes to gamification of training, we’re not talking about games that encourage learning, rather learning experiences that feel like a game. If you can create an interaction that feels like a game, for example by including a points tally, it presents a challenge to the learner which helps to engage them further with the training.”

“I know this content. Why do I have to take training on it?”

A frequent reaction when people hear the words ‘mandatory compliance training’! How do you cater for employees that know the content without compromising the integrity of your mandatory compliance training program?

There are two ways to achieve this balance:

  1. Role profiling
  2. Test downs

“Role profiling enables you to tailor the training your employees receive to their role, experience level, region, length of service etc., while test downs provide the opportunity for employees to demonstrate that they know the content and can therefore ‘skip’ sections of the training once they prove the have an appropriate level of knowledge of the subject.”

“Will the GDPR impact my training plan?”

In short, YES! Any organization that does business in the EU will need to comply with the GDPR from May 25th 2018.

Are you prepared? Will you roll out the same GDPR training program company-wide, or will you focus on how the GDPR impacts individual roles within your organization?

“Our GDPR training allows you to roll out a high-level module that covers the basics for a general audience, and supplement this with role-specific topics for departments that handle personal data on a regular basis.”



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