California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Updates

With new sexual harassment training requirements launching in the US, HR and learning professionals are looking for guidance on who needs to be trained and how to meet the requirements with their sexual harassment training program.

In this brochure, Interactive Services walks through the evolving state-specific legislation and what it means for your learners.

In October 2018, New York is the first jurisdiction to make sexual harassment training mandatory for all employees regardless of tenure, seniority and – crucially – firm size.

Expanding on California‘s AB1825, SB1343 now requires California employers with at least five employees to provide sexual harassment training to all employees and supervisors.



You can find information on:

Training requirements by state (CA, CT, ME, DE, NY/NYC) 

California’s NEW SB1343 legislation which expands on AB1825

Steps for rolling out a successful training program to US employees and supervisors

The insights will be relevant for HR and learning professionals responsible for running Anti-Harassment compliance training, regardless of industry.

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