Five Steps to Secure Awards and Recognition for Your Compliance Training

compliance training awardsAs anyone working in the e-learning industry will know, top quality compliance training courses are not magicked out of thin air. It takes months of research, planning, designing, developing, and editing – as well as countless conversations with clients – to provide a course that not only meets compliance requirements but also engages and adapts to end users. After putting so much time and effort into developing an amazing compliance training program, wouldn’t it be nice to get the recognition that it deserves? One of the best ways of getting this recognition is by entering your compliance course into an industry awards competition.

The aim of submitting a nomination into an industry competition is not to get an ego boost by winning an award. It’s about maximizing your program’s credibility – both inside and outside your organization – and strengthening ties with your stakeholders. It can also improve job satisfaction for your learning and compliance teams by acknowledging the work they have put in. With these aims in mind, here are six steps to help you secure the awards and recognition your compliance training deserves.

1. Find out what awards are out there: Compliance, learning, HR, data privacy trade associations and publications all run a plethora of award programs. Here are just a few that you could consider:

• The Stevie Awards: This is open to all types of organizations, and recognizes the achievements and contributions of companies and individuals. There are several different types of Stevie Awards, including for specific regions, employers, sales and customer service, and women in business.

• The Brandon Hall Excellence Awards: Brandon Hall is a research and analyst firm that specializes in Human Capital Management. Its awards, which are held twice a year, recognize successful Learning & Development and Talent Management programs and strategies.

• The Learning & Performance Institute’s (LPI) Annual Learning Awards: The LPI is a leading authority on workplace L&D, and its awards celebrate outstanding examples of best practice in this field.

When considering the different awards competitions, it’s important to choose a niche that plays to your strengths. Try to find a category where you’re not competing with lots of other firms. For instance, consider the Webby Awards – these are the Oscars of the HR world, but not many training programs are ever entered into it.

2. Consider the award criteria: While you should avoid creating a program to fit specific award categories, it’s still a good idea to keep an awarding body’s judging criteria in mind when designing your training. The bottom line is to create a program that meets client needs, not to win awards. However, by balancing these needs with the relevant criteria, you’ll have a strong framework for creating an award-winning e-learning program.

3. Record statistics: Most awards look for clearly defined data that you usually have but that often isn’t collated. This is where gathering quantitative data that compares the before and after state comes into play. You could use star rating systems to find out learner satisfaction levels before and after launching the program. Look at completion data, as well as average seat times. These metrics can show if you are meeting, if not exceeding, industry standards and awards criteria.

4. Tell a story: What is memorable about your compliance course? What’s unique about it? Did you go over and beyond your organization’s needs to produce a truly outstanding program? Then talk about it. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet! In your submission, discuss you or your client’s needs, what you did to understand and fulfill them, and the people involved. Remember to explain the final result, the effect your program had on company culture / employee behavior, as well as key learning points for the future.

5. Get quotes – from everyone: In addition to quantitative data, you’ll also need to include vital qualitative data – in other words, quotes. In your award application, include quotes from everyone who was involved in your program from your regulators to the end users, SMEs and your C-Suite. Ensure that you talk to as broad a spectrum of people as possible so that your quotes are not just from those in the “inside.” Not only will people be flattered you asked, but it will also add great polish to your award.

Having an award-winning compliance learning program is of course highly desirable; it’s objective recognition of the quality of your design methodology and processes, and goes a long way in bolstering your reputation. But besides receiving accolades, some of the major benefits of entering these competitions is that you get to benchmark your compliance learning against others in your industry, see what the competition is doing, understand new trends and technologies (such as augmented reality (AR)) and promote yourself as a thought-leader.

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