Mobile Learning: How Can It Support Your Compliance eLearning Training?

How many times do you pick up your smartphone each day? It’s undoubtedly more often than you ever would have envisioned during the early stages of the mobile revolution. But a revolution, it most certainly has been. Today, cloud services, smart mobile devices and the availability of wireless broadband network access have resulted in a migration of users away from humble desktops and laptops to our phones, and that movement shows no signs for reversing any time soon.

This shift in focus offers a wide range of opportunities for organizations to engage with not just their customers, but their own employees too. Many corporations are currently providing staff with compliance eLearning training content through their mobile that bolsters existing training platforms to help them in their roles and improve performance. One example is mobile compliance training. While it is unlikely that mobile will completely replace classroom or face-to-face training, it does provide an opportunity for companies to further engage with staff, reinventing how they view their learning function.

If your company is not already using these effective new methods, you should strongly consider adding mobile to your arsenal of training resources.

Can Mobile Compliance Training Programs Work For Your Company?

Staff are increasingly engaging with apps and other mobile software that use geo-location, photo, social, and augmented reality functions that their phones and tablets deliver. Effective mobile learning can take advantage of this ever-developing tech as organizations start to apply a mobile strategy effectively.

Mobile devices are now being used to support the performance improvement and leadership development initiatives of many organizations globally. Training departments are moving toward mobile for the purposes of onboarding, sales training, product training and compliance training, to name just a handful. In some cases, companies have opted for blended solutions which incorporate both traditional classroom learning and modules of mobile or tablet training. These compliance training curriculums can include elements of game-based and social learning, which have proved hugely successful in terms of learner engagement, knowledge retention and increased participation in training exercises.

The benefits of this form of training are potentially massive for employees in any organization with a mobile learning strategy. Mobile allows training to be taken over longer periods of time, as employees have ongoing access to the training content, meaning it’s likely to have more of an impact on them. Progress is easier to gauge, and there is a better mechanism in place for ongoing collaboration and feedback.

Responsive eLearning

The increasing demand in organizations for content to be made available on mobile is impacting on the technology being used for development of compliance elearning training.

Take responsive HTML, an HTML standard that enables online content to adapt to the size and shape of the device on which it is being viewed. Responsive design uses CSS media queries to alter style properties depending on a number of factors: the screen size, resolution, orientation, colour capability etc. The purpose of content designed in responsive HTML is to ensure optimum display quality across all hardware platforms, from mobile phones and tablet PCs, to wide-screen high-resolution displays.

To keep up to date with technology as it rapidly moves forward, companies must continuously ensure they leverage every opportunity to meets their learning needs.

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