How to Teach a Compliance Topic in 5 Minutes

Fast Food…High speed internet…EZ Pass lanes…Express Trains.  We are always figuring out ways to do things quicker. Time is always of the essence, and learning is no different. Companies are constantly challenged with keeping their employees up to date and knowledgeable, while concurrently finding the time to conduct the training.

So what if I told you it’s possible to teach a compliance topic in 5 minutes, without compromising the content or the take away?

Here’s how we do it. Each 5 minute module breaks down into three key sections, combining to form a single robust learning experience:

  • Learn it:  The concepts are presented, and the fundamental learning takes place. The content is presented conceptually and typically centered around a principle. 90 SECONDS
  • Own it:  Scenario based learning where a learner can explore a realistic situation, with characters similar to real-life situations.  Here, the user can work through the scenarios, and interact with the character to provide feedback or advice.  This allows the learner to really own the situation, and learn how to respond in those gray area challenging situations that they may encounter. 120 SECONDS
  • Got it: a brief quiz at the end of a learning topic is essential to test knowledge.  Use of binary options in testing helps to ascertain whether the learner either gets it or doesn’t.  The simplicity of True/False, Correct/Incorrect, Yes/No provides immediate feedback of their comprehension on a topic. 90 SECONDS

And you’re done!

This model is proven to keep attention focused, increase user engagement, increase comprehension, and most importantly- sustain learning.

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Interactive Services is an award winning, global training company that designs and develops cutting edge learning solutions. Interactive Services was established in 1993, providing compliance training to Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years.  It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operations New York, London, Arkansas, and San Francisco.

The Compliance Learning Center (CLC) is an online library of over 70 compliance topics that can be mixed and matched for your organization’s unique needs. CLC is an enterprise wide learning solution, a time efficient, convenient, cost-effective way to deliver effective compliance training.  We believe that the CLC is a perfect solution for the increasing regulatory requirements.

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