Compliance training is an essential consideration for businesses large and small within the UK. Without this training, your employees may not fully understand their roles and responsibilities within the workplace. Additionally, they may not understand the laws and regulations that apply. However, not all compliance training options are the same. Increasingly, compliance eLearning is seen as offering the widest range of benefits for both business owners and their employees.

What Is Compliance eLearning?

The digital age has ushered in many new capabilities, not the least of which is the ability to learn remotely. While compliance training can be delivered in person, eLearning (also called virtual learning, distance learning, and online learning) delivers convenience, financial savings, time savings, and the ability to ensure that your employees are compliant with industry and government rules and regulations. In most cases, these eLearning platforms are not business owned. Rather, they are hosted, open training programmes that allow you to align employee performance with your company’s corporate strategy.

Who Needs Compliance eLearning?

Almost all businesses have some sort of compliance requirements. Virtually every industry on the planet now has rules, regulations, and laws that dictate best practices and deal with situations like anti-competition activity, discrimination, payroll considerations, safety requirements, and more. Therefore, any business with compliance training needs can benefit from compliance eLearning.

Why Consider Compliance eLearning?

The need for compliance training of some sort is inarguable. For small and midsized businesses, paying for an in-house compliance officer is usually out of the question. That leaves executives responsible for interpreting rules and regulations and assessing whether employees meet those requirements. Often, this results in failure to comply, which leaves businesses facing fines and lawsuits.

However, compliance training is available in different formats. Why consider going the eLearning route rather than with traditional, in-person training? Compliance eLearning actually delivers some crucial benefits and advantages that either cannot be found with conventional training programmes or are difficult to achieve, particularly if you have a distributed workforce, or if your workforce telecommutes to any degree. What are those benefits and advantages? We’ll explore them below.

Benefits and Advantages Offered by Compliance eLearning

  • Cost Reduction – First, there’s a reduction in cost. Simply put, in-person training is expensive. Compliance eLearning programmes are less so. Every business can benefit from saving a bit of capital that can be reinvested back into the company.
  • Increased Convenience – Online learning is just more convenient than in-person classes. Compliance eLearning can be completed at virtually any time, from any location that a student has an Internet connection. Plus, there’s no need to rearrange their work schedule.
  • Risk Reduction – Perhaps the most important benefit, from a business standpoint, is the reduction in risk. By ensuring that your employees are completing an online compliance course, you dramatically reduce the risk of non-compliance. The right platform will allow you to track and monitor employee progress through training modules, ensuring that everyone is on course.
  • Ease of Auditing – Chances are good that you will need to prove compliance training completion to an outside organisation at some point. With compliance eLearning programmes, you should be able to create detailed reports that show employee training progress, completion rates, and other important metrics from a central dashboard without wasting time or effort.
  • Corporate Strategy Alignment – Ensuring that all employees understand your corporate strategy and are on board with changes is vital but difficult. Compliance eLearning programmes make that simpler and easier, ensuring that you’re able to align employee performance with corporate goals.

Ultimately, compliance eLearning platforms deliver vital advantages that enable your business to achieve essential goals. However, not all programmes are created equal, so you will need to shop around a bit.

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