5 Compliance Training Tips for New Hires

How does the new hire fulfill all of their obligations to personal life responsibilities, new position responsibilities, and compliance training? Sounds like an impossible task, or is it?

The answer is to make effective use of time concerning new hire compliance training.

  • By developing a company-wide culture of compliance the new hire will find an environment that will speed his learning of compliance requirements.  This is payback to the company for hard work in taking compliance issues seriously, and ensuring that compliance issues a taken seriously by their employees.
  • Improve the behavior and attitude of employees toward compliance.  As the new hire begins compliance training early on, even before they arrive, they will begin to understand the strict stance that the company has on compliance.
  • Customized training to each new hire and their needs.  For example, allow new hires who already know areas of the compliance regulations to test out and continue to areas that need improvement. This enhances successful completion of the compliance training.
  • Provide tools and skills to adhere to policy and regulations.  E-learning and mobile applications are an ongoing reference source for the new hire to consult whenever as issue arises.
  • Ensure every employee is aware of their obligation by the use of special training consultants, one-on-one training, in-house training, e-learning and mobile learning to ensure all employees complete compliance training.  

We at Interactive Services provided effective methods that keep your new hire involved and interactive during the learning process.  This equates to faster learning times, longer memory retention times, and builds a strong foundation. As compliance policies change, up to date compliance training  builds on this foundation.  Contact us today to provide solutions for your new hire compliance training requirements.

What’s Your Plan?

With any compliance training planning, it’s important that you have steps laid out in advance in order to create an effective compliance learning plan.


Published by Matt Plass and Dan Brown



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