Code of Conduct Scenarios

Code of Conduct Scenarios – Ethics in the Workplace – what would you do?

Racial Slur

Rebecca overheard a more senior colleague using a racial slur. How would you advise Rebecca?

  •  Don’t get involved. She doesn’t want to be labeled a troublemaker.
  •  Pretend that she didn’t hear anything.
  •  Report the incident to a trusted senior staff member or to the Legal department.

Effect of Bullying

Maneesh has been persistently and publicly criticized about his work by a colleague. What three impacts could this have on Maneesh?

  •  He could lose confidence in his work.
  •  He might work harder; he wouldn’t be criticized if his work was better.
  •  He may not engage or actively involve himself in team meetings.
  •  He may want to leave his team or job due to embarrassment.

Dealing with Abusive Conduct

A new colleague, Diego, seems depressed and withdrawn. When you ask him how he is, he tells you he feels he’s been the victim of abusive conduct by his colleagues. Which of the following actions that Diego says he has been subjected to could be considered abusive conduct? Select the two actions.

  • Diego’s team lead, Alice, has made threats about him losing his job if he doesn’t hit project milestones. She’s made these threats in team meetings and never acts this way towards any other team members.
  •  Diego sits beside Alfonso. He’s heard that Alfonso has a bit of a temper and on a few occasions since Diego started, Alfonso has threatened him with physical violence over some very petty things, like using his favorite coffee mug.
  •  After completing a delivery for one of his first projects, one of Diego’s colleagues, Eli, provided some feedback to Diego on ways in which he could improve his next deliverable. Eli provided the feedback in a friendly manner.

What Should the Company Do?

Diego reports the abusive conduct to his manager. His manager asks you for advice on what the company should do.

Select the two actions the company should take.

  •  Investigate Diego’s claims.
  • Implement training to help educate all employees in creating a more respectful work environment.
  •  Dismiss the attackers identified by Diego immediately.

Aggressive Colleague

Miranda works with Phillip and believes that his behavior is causing a negative environment in the workplace. Over coffee one morning, she and her colleagues discuss his behavior. After the meeting she runs through Phillip’s behaviors and asks you which ones are a sign that action is required? Select the four worrying behaviors and then Submit.

  •  “I’ve noticed how much time he’s been taking off with no explanation. He doesn’t even call in!”
  •  “If I try to make one little change to his work, he totally overreacts.”
  •  “You should have heard the abuse he gave that customer. He just exploded!”
  •  “We had the weirdest conversation; he seems obsessed with those shootings that were in the news last week.”
  •  “Last week he had flu and had to take three days off sick.”

Threatening Behavior

The next day Phillip becomes verbally threatening and reduces Miranda to tears. Miranda and her colleagues ask you what they should do.

Select the four correct actions.

  • Call Human Resources or Legal immediately and report the incident. They can handle this type of situation and involve local law enforcement if appropriate.
  • Notify local law enforcement and call security to remove him from the building.
  • This does not need to be reported. It’s how Phillip reacts when someone does not agree with him.
  • Recognize that we all have a part to play in the implementation of our zero tolerance policy toward workplace violence against or by employees.
  • Learn how to recognize, avoid, or defuse potentially violent situations.
  • Alert supervisors, line managers, etc., to any concerns about safety or security and report all incidents immediately.

Identifying Substance Misuse

What To Do?
Eileen has always been a hard-working professional. Recently, she’s been tardy and lingering in the bathroom. This week, her colleague, Lewis, had to retrieve a file from Eileen’s desk. He noticed drug paraphernalia. He asks your advice.
What should Lewis do?

  • Report Eileen to her supervisor.
  • Give Eileen an ultimatum—turn herself in to HR or else he will.
  • Cover for Eileen. She is young and all she needs is counseling and a second chance.

A Prank

Chad thought it would be funny to hack into his colleague Lewis’ dating profile to change his sexual orientation. Another colleague uses the same website, and the news went viral throughout the company. What are the possible consequences of this prank?

  • Lewis’ reputation could be damaged.
  • Colleagues of Chad and Lewis may feel their orientation is being mocked.

Inappropriate Comments

Darnell is a company manager. An employee approached him to report her colleague Jack’s recent Instagram post. The post shows Jack at a soccer match wearing a polo with the company logo on it. He captioned the image with an inappropriate and very lewd caption about females. What reasonable action can Darnell take in this case?

  • Because Jack’s actions were after work hours and off work premises, Darnell can take no action. It shouldn’t matter what an employee does or says when they are not at work.
  • As Jack did not say anything about a fellow employee, Darnell can’t take any action in this situation.
  • Darnell can terminate Jack’s employment. Jack’s actions and comments have a negative impact on the company and are not in line with the company’s own internal policies and commitment to providing a respectful workplace free of harassment and discrimination.

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