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What’s the Difference Between Localization, Translation, and Globalization? 

The terms localization, translation and globalization are closely linked, but with variations that can be confusing.  A clear understanding of them is essential in the planning of a successful, and compliant, international communications strategy.  With regard to Compliance Training, it’s not sufficient simply to understand the different regulations which apply in various jurisdictions; awareness of...

Case Study: An Effective Learning Programme for a European Bank

Interactive Services helped a European bank to make substantial improvements in customers’ satisfaction with the bank’s handling of their complaints.  IS devised a custom two-part training programme, consisting of a classroom course and an online gamification element which took the form of an interactive video game. Compliance Training can be fun! The classroom training focused...

2019 Integrity Compliance and Ethics Learning – 134 Firm Benchmark study

In early 2019, the Integrity compliance training team gathered insights and compliance training trends from 134 global firms who collectively train 2.7 million learners each year.

4 Reasons a Compliance Manager Changes Their Compliance Training Program

As technology evolves, modern workplaces are changing too. The ability for employees to adapt and learn new skills is increasingly critical, particularly for companies operating under challenging regulatory constraints. Firms rely on compliance training providers to ensure that their employees understand the specific rules and requirements around compliance. It’s a good investment! The costs of noncompliance can be staggering. Savvy compliance officers are always looking for ways to optimize their enterprise training programs. Here are four reasons why they might choose one e-learning provider over another. 1.

New York Tackles Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Guidelines for Training Your Workforce

With the #MeToo movement taking the world by storm and shaking up Hollywood, corporate, and university cultures, the challenge for organizations is how to make sexual harassment in the workplace a thing of the past. But how, exactly? But some states, like New York, are leading the charge by passing a number of new anti-harassment initiatives. Are You Ready? By October 9, 2018, employers in New York will be required to deliver annual sexual harassment training to all employees, contractors, consultants, and suppliers. With the deadline fast approaching, companies in the Big Apple are scrambling to comply.

How To Overcome The Top 5 Compliance Training Challenges 2018

How To Overcome The Top 5 Compliance Training Challenges 2018 As we move into a new year, is the annual task of planning and rolling out your mandatory compliance training keeping you awake at night!!Would you like some tips on how to overcome the top five compliance training challenges you’re likely to face this year? If you would, read on!! “Why do I have to take this training again?” You probably hear this question from time to time – if not every year!

Key Factors in Organizational Development

Key Factors in Organizational Development Improving business operations is a multi-step process; planning is one of the critical elements to focus on. Realizing successful planning requires involvement of a knowledgeable development practitioner who can help restructure the organization. In the process, some of the areas that experience the direct impact of organizational development include leadership, diversity, corporate design, and coaching. The purpose of organizational development is to ensure all aspects of an enterprise work in harmony to promote efficiency and improve business operations.

Strategies for Interactive Training Sessions

Strategies for Interactive Training Sessions Training with great content and a variety of delivery methods are very helpful, however, providing interactive activities is critical to maintaining culture and understanding. An interactive session will promote confidence, conversation, and recall. Let's take a look at several strategies you can use to make your training interactive: Quizzing Quizzing is great for competitive staff members who respond best to "winning" environments. The competitive edge with quizzing encourages employees to think about their answers and choose appropriate responses through recall of information you have already presented.

Ensuring Effective Application of Training Concepts for Employees

How to Ensure Effective Application of Training Concepts for Employees One of the most important requirements in every business environment is the training of both incoming employees, as well as existing ones. Such training ensures that all employees are clear on their obligations, which leads to achievement of set goals. Ensuring effective application through communication in these training forums is essential and here is how you can achieve this.   By ensuring understanding  If attendants in a training session do not understand the concepts you try to bring forth in these sessions, then, you may not deliver as expected.

Tips on Training Introverts and Extroverts

Tips on Training Introverts and Extroverts Your company has come up with policies that ensure compliance, and you want to be certain your employees understand and will follow the policy. Most likely, your company has coworkers who are extroverts and introverts. Carl Jung first discovered these terms in his psychological research, and in recent decades tools such as The Myers-Briggs Type Indicated popularized the terms. The terms extroversion and introversion define how people interact and get energy from the world.
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