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Who Says Compliance Training Has to Be Boring?

“Compliance training is fun,” said no one ever. Compliance content often covers rules and regulations and helps to keep your employees and company out of trouble. But it doesn’t have to be coma inducing. You may be thinking, yeah, right. Or that to make compliance training entertaining, it will cost an arm and a leg. But it doesn’t have to. Some ideas: fresh language, humor, storytelling, scenarios, music videos, personal testimonies, gamification.

Retail Training Tips: Customers Like To Be Trained So Train Them Well!

Do you get your coffee from Starbucks? If so, you probably exhibit the behaviors of a well trained customer. You order at the counter (queuing along the glass display), you pay the order-taker, then dutifully move along to the curved collection station to pick up your beverage. You don’t wait at the checkout to collect your coffee. Not in Starbucks.
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