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Action and Prevention-Sexual Harassment Training in California

In 2015, correctional officer Sophia Curry received a $1.6 million settlement from the State of California after an inmate at California State Prison in Folsom attacked her, despite Curry having previously reported the inmate for sexual harassment. Supervisors failed to handle the situation, asking her to patrol the unit without a partner when the attack...

How Compliance Training helps to Mitigate Compliance Risk

If you work for a large multinational organization, then you will almost certainly have taken a selection of corporate compliance training courses over the course of your employment. Some courses (e.g., Sexual Harassment) may be required every year! Why, in that case, do we still hear that one of the key reasons for compliance breaches...

Tips For Sexual Harassment Compliance Training In The #MeToo Era

In the last year or so, the #MeToo movement has shed light on just how common sexual harassment is in the workplace. From celebrities to day-to-day workers, thousands of people – women, in particular – have shared stories about how they have been harassed in the workplace. The statistics are staggering. Surveys show that up...

Q&A with Kamrul Khan – Chief Compliance Officer

.presentation img {margin-top: -50px;} Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Kamrul Khan Kamrul Khan is the US Compliance Officer for Situs, a global Commercial Real Estate advisory firm. I previously managed employee facing Compliance functions for The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. I have a bachelors in Economics from Baruch College and a Masters in Information Systems from Pace University. Q1. In your opinion, what makes an effective compliance training program? Compliance training is only as good as the reason for doing it.

Three Tips on Managing Risk

Three Tips on Managing Risk In the fast-paced world we are living in today, risks are also evolving at a similar pace. They are no longer the same as before, which brings in the need to manage them. Risk management refers to the process of identification, analysis and mitigation of the uncertainties in any business. Efficient risk management procedures are crucial in mitigating the adverse impact of risks. Risks are part of our lives and can happen anytime. However, it is possible to manage risks and stay on the safer side.

3 Obstacles to Overcome with Regulatory Compliance Training

3 Obstacles to Overcome with Regulatory Compliance Training There are 3 obstacles when it comes to ensuring that everyone in your organization has the regulatory compliance training that they need. Compliance training is a must, but overcoming the obstacles to ensure that it is done right is also a must! As a manager or a training officer there are no shortcuts when it comes to training. Everyone has to have fair opportunity to have the same training which is where the issues start to come in.

The Self-Policing Environment: Getting Your Employees on Board

The Self-Policing Environment: Getting Your Employees on Board Strict compliance to government and industry regulations is crucial to keeping your business profitable. Many companies choose to outsource this responsibility while others keep it in-house. The choice to self-police is extremely cost efficient and effective if you do it right. Here is how to get your employees on board in making the self-policing environment an important part of everyone's workday. The first step in introducing self-policing in your facility is to define the concept for your employees.
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