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Are You Ready for California’s New Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

  From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, California companies have frequently made headlines for incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. But the culture of “boys will be boys”, prevalent in tech companies and the entertainment industry, is being challenged on a number of fronts. The toxic culture which has been tolerated, and even facilitated, in these industries is facing increasing scrutiny and legislative pressure. In September 2018, California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law a series of bills designed to more effectively prevent and eliminate sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Adventures in Engagement

Adventures in Engagement By Dan Brown - Chief Strategic Relationship Officer As a younger man, I spent a year acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company. While there, I heard a story about Richard Harris, the two times Oscar-nominated, hell-raising Irish actor. In 1967 he played King Arthur in the movie musical, Camelot.

How to Enhance Your Onboarding Program?

  So, you’ve hired some new staff. You’ve completed the recruitment process, done the paperwork, sent your recruit a welcome pack and set a date for their start.

Elements of a Well-Rounded New Hire Training & Onboarding Program

Elements of a Well-Rounded New Hire Training & Onboarding Program Starting a new job can be tough. You're walking into new territory. The culture is different, the processes are different and you have to adjust to all of it. However, an effective onboarding process is critical to the success of new employees. So, what are the perfect elements of a well-rounded, effective onboarding with new hires?   Welcome: You don't have to have a party for a new person's first day. However, make sure they are introduced to everyone. Don't just let the new person know your name.

3 Hurdles to Overcome When Creating a Compelling New Hire Training

3 Hurdles to Overcome When Creating a Compelling New Hire Training Is there an HR professional who doesn't know how much new hires dread an awful onboarding experience? Many companies fall into the category of those last-minute training efforts in a bid to comply with government oversight. With this in mind, the lack of proper preparation plays a huge role in lack of engagement with new hires.

How Does Your Culture Impact the Workplace and Onboarding?

How Does Culture Impact the Workplace and Onboarding? The third portion of the three 'c's in the new hire training/onboarding process is corporate culture. No matter what workplace you go to, each one has its own culture. There are some that are similar in expectation, but the differences for a new employee often determine the decision to stay or go. It's essential to help a new employee fully assimilate to the feel of the workplace. Culture's impact in the workplace is significant and cannot be ignored.   Politics Every company has its politics.

Onboarding Not Your Favorite Part? 4 Tips to Help You Push Through

Onboarding Not Your Favorite Part? 4 Tips to Help You Push Through No matter how flawless your new hire program could be, some folks simply just don't get excited when it's time to orient their new employees. Some just want to get right to it and past the "get to know you phase". This isn't a bad thing - wanting to get to work is great. At the same time, onboarding doesn't have to be much of a strain or a chore. Here are 4 solid tips to help you push through and make it count.

To Do or To Don’t? A Guide on What Your Onboarding Should NOT Do!

To Do or To Don't? What Your Onboarding Should NOT Do! There are millions of ways to craft an effective on boarding program for your new employees, and most companies are getting it right. Unfortunately, we rarely discuss what organizations should not do in regards to onboarding their new employees - some people would rather know what they shouldn't do opposed to what they should.

Where to Start? – A Guide to Shaping Your Onboarding

Where to Start? -  Shaping Your Onboarding Companies that are re-evaluating or just creating their onboarding experience might not know how to start or when to start. With the countless techniques and methodologies it can be difficult funneling through to find the right program structure. A great place to start is before the employee makes it to you!   Effective Employee Selection Companies need to make it clear that they are going to be truly preparing new employees for their position. This will enable them to attract talented individuals.

6 Keys to a Compelling and Successful Onboarding Program

6 Keys to a Compelling and Successful Onboarding Program 1. Have a strategy When "inducting" new employees into your organization, a strategy is vital. It's poor planning not to consider the objectives, goals, and desired takeaways. This is the staff members' first true encounter with the organization, and it should be a positive experience with structure and purpose. Who will present what? Will it be digital or all paper? Are tours included? What are your main goals for the staff overall? Are there breakout sessions? All great points to consider.   2.
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