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Tips For Sexual Harassment Compliance Training In The #MeToo Era

In the last year or so, the #MeToo movement has shed light on just how common sexual harassment is in the workplace. From celebrities to day-to-day workers, thousands of people – women, in particular – have shared stories about how they have been harassed in the workplace. The statistics are staggering. Surveys show that up...

Integrity At The Heart of Your Brand

When you hear the word “integrity,” you probably think of values and ethics. Integrity is part of a culture. It is a moral compass. It is ingrained in a person’s entire being, not just exhibited in the way she or he acts around other people. Now think about the word “compliance.” Chances are, you’re having...

Ethics vs Compliance Training-  Compliance-Based Ethics Programs

In today’s business world, it is essential to have a strong ethics program in order to form and maintain a positive rapport with customers. Due to the instant and global nature of the media, customers are more aware of business practices than ever before. The two main types of ethics programs revolve around either integrity...

Workplace Ethics Training

Ethical Standards A company’s ethical standards are a major part of its identity, and one of the factors upon which customers will base buying decisions.  A company that does not give proper priority to its ethical stance on important matters will suffer in the marketplace, so selecting the best type of ethics and compliance training may be one of the most important decisions a company can make. Public Perception and Advertising Marketing and public relations will look to leverage ethical business practice as a major component in publicity and advertising.  Plastic-free packaging, minimal waste and humane farming are not

The Tone from the Top – Modeling integrity, ethical behavior and compliance through compliance training

Most businesses consider a strong commitment to performing with integrity a "must have." However, some struggle to put it into practice when compliance is left purely to the compliance professionals. A company-wide culture of integrity, not just on a corporate level, but also on a social and environmental level, begins with the board and the CEO, and cascades down through an organization to its most junior employees.

2019 Integrity Compliance and Ethics Learning – 134 Firm Benchmark study

In early 2019, the Integrity compliance training team gathered insights and compliance training trends from 134 global firms who collectively train 2.7 million learners each year.

10 New features of Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training, the next generation for Global Compliance eLearning for 2019! 

Matt My name is Matt Plass. I am the CEO of the US business and I am joined today by my colleague Mark Dorosz, who is the head of the Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training product. Today is an introduction to the launch; a soft launch if you like, because this is almost a sneak...

Integrating Off-the-Shelf Learning Modules into Your Compliance Ecosystem

Creating custom, targeted, engaging compliance training does not necessarily mean starting with a blank slate. In fact, you have ample opportunity to customize off-the-shelf learning solutions to meet the needs of your learners, in direct alignment with your organization’s  culture. Perhaps you have an impending need to implement compliance training without the time or expertise to create new content, or without the funding to develop quality interactive learning solutions.

Training guide NY and CA Sexual Harassment eLearning Checklist

Sexual harassment prevention is essential for your organization. Not only does it ensure that every employee feels safe and comfortable, but in many instances, it enables you to remain legally compliant with your state’s laws. Many states outline specific rules concerning the provision of sexual harassment training in the workplace.

Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training, the next generation for Global Compliance eLearning for 2019!

In February 2019, Interactive Services launched Integrity Ethics and Compliance Training, the next generation for Global Compliance eLearning for 2019! These new developments to the courses we offer have been brought about as a result of feedback from clients and regulators, and discussions with Cordery Compliance and Nexxus on legal content. The specialist content for the USA is in response...