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Q&A with Gül Güven, PhD. – Global Compliance Training Program Leader

Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Gül Güven, PhD Gül Güven has been working with GE in various roles in compliance for over a decade. ( In her current role as Global Compliance Training Program Leader, Gül works with the Global Compliance Training Center of Excellence, GE Corporate policyowners, the chief compliance officers for each business and region and their compliance training focal points to develop and implement best-in-class GE Compliance training and communications. Prior to her current role, Gül studied and worked in Paris and Istanbul, where she led various initiatives on streamlining global processes, due diligence

Q&A with Kamrul Khan – Chief Compliance Officer

.presentation img {margin-top: -50px;} Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Kamrul Khan Kamrul Khan is the US Compliance Officer for Situs, a global Commercial Real Estate advisory firm. I previously managed employee facing Compliance functions for The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. I have a bachelors in Economics from Baruch College and a Masters in Information Systems from Pace University. Q1. In your opinion, what makes an effective compliance training program? Compliance training is only as good as the reason for doing it.

Q&A with Nicole Tarasoff

Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Nicole Tarasoff Nicole Tarasoff is a writer-turned-compliance officer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BA in English, Nicole found herself working in the financial sector as a risk analyst, where she developed an unexpected passion for simplifying the language of compliance.

Q&A With Jeffrey Langa (BNP Paribas)

Interactive compliance trainingpresents: Q&A with Jeffrey Langa Vice President, Compliance Training, BNP Paribas Jeffrey Langa is the Americas Compliance Training Manager at BNP Paribas. He is responsible for the creation, development and execution of the Annual Training Plan throughout the region. He further chairs a monthly Training Council meeting with the training leads in the Americas region. Jeffrey is a former regulator having worked at FINRA for 6 years, and has been working in Compliance for over 15 years. Prior to Compliance, Jeffrey was an Institutional Sales Trader for 6 years as well. Q1.

Q&A With Nichole Pitts (Ethintegrity)

Interactive compliance trainingpresents: Q&A with Nichole Pitts Founder & CEO, Ethintegrity Ethintegrity is a boutique consulting firm focusing on a culture-based approach to ethics and compliance to help companies implement sustainable compliance programs. Prior to this, Nichole was VP, Compliance & Ethics Officer at Louis Berger. Her career as a senior leader for an international business, gives her a unique understanding of the challenges facing compliance departments and organizations. Q1.
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