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Case Study: An Effective Learning Programme for a European Bank

Interactive Services helped a European bank to make substantial improvements in customers’ satisfaction with the bank’s handling of their complaints.  IS devised a custom two-part training programme, consisting of a classroom course and an online gamification element which took the form of an interactive video game. Compliance Training can be fun! The classroom training focused...

Strategies for Interactive Training Sessions

Strategies for Interactive Training Sessions Training with great content and a variety of delivery methods are very helpful, however, providing interactive activities is critical to maintaining culture and understanding. An interactive session will promote confidence, conversation, and recall. Let's take a look at several strategies you can use to make your training interactive: Quizzing Quizzing is great for competitive staff members who respond best to "winning" environments. The competitive edge with quizzing encourages employees to think about their answers and choose appropriate responses through recall of information you have already presented.

Make Your Compliance Training Shine Using Adult Learning Theory

One of the most important parts of making a good compliance training is creating a unique, appealing training that appeals to your staff. A training that really stands out will help your employees enjoy and look forward to future training. One way to delight your employees is to create a training that employs Adult Learning Theory. Created by the late Michael Knowles, an educator, Knowles discovered special methods to engage adults in the learning process.

Training Generation X

Training Generation X Sandwiched between the large Baby Boomer and Millennial Generation, it's easy to forget about the often-forgotten Generation X. Commonly considered to be born between approximately 1965 and 1981, this generation is currently coming of age in the workplace, as many Baby Boomers retire. Although young Millennial leaders get significant press attention, most new corporate leaders are, in reality, Generation X.
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