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Inspiring Compliance Training? It can be done…

Once upon a time there was a training program that cultivated a thriving culture of compliance throughout an organization. With minimal resources, skills, and bandwidth, a dynamic and creative learning design team triumphed against the odds and created an effective and compelling learning solution in alignment with the goals of the organization. Complete fairy tale? Not quite – it can be done!   In compliance training, we can engage and motivate our learners with stories – through the characters, relationships, conflicts, resolutions, pathways, and insights that bring the most memorable stories to life.

Taking the Pain Out of Compliance Training

Taking the Pain Out of Compliance Training Mark Twain said, “Never let formal education get in the way of learning,” but this is exactly what most corporate compliance training does. It leaves corporate training casualties in its wake—employees suffering through monotonous e-learning courses, forgetting everything they learned in their mandatory training the minute they complete the courses. In fact, they often have no idea how to apply what they learned to their jobs—not because the courses failed to cover the necessary regulatory content but because they failed to engage employees and deliver behavior change.

Instructional Designer – Dublin, Ireland

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