Category: Case Studies

Case Study: An Effective Learning Programme for a European Bank

Interactive Services helped a European bank to make substantial improvements in customers’ satisfaction with the bank’s handling of their complaints.  IS devised a custom two-part training programme, consisting of a classroom course and an online gamification element which took the form of an interactive video game. Compliance Training can be fun! The classroom training focused...

Q&A with Gül Güven, PhD. – Global Compliance Training Program Leader

Interactive compliance training presents: Q&A with Gül Güven, PhD Gül Güven has been working with GE in various roles in compliance for over a decade. ( In her current role as Global Compliance Training Program Leader, Gül works with the Global Compliance Training Center of Excellence, GE Corporate policyowners, the chief compliance officers for each business and region and their compliance training focal points to develop and implement best-in-class GE Compliance training and communications. Prior to her current role, Gül studied and worked in Paris and Istanbul, where she led various initiatives on streamlining global processes, due diligence
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