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Keep your organization compliance-focused throughout the year and engage with your employees beyond formal training requirements

Integrity’s Gaming Engine – Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz!

Today’s compliance officers are looking for innovative and engaging ways to connect with employees beyond formal training requirements. They want to keep the organization compliance-focused throughout the entire year. This can include:

  • Increasing and measuring retention months after formal training ends
  • Reinforcing key messages throughout the year
  • Reacting to situations as (and when) they arise
  • Capturing employee attention in an already loud communications environment

Introducing Integrity’s new Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz.

When deployed in conjunction with a thorough eLearning program, gamification can deliver on compliance officers’ key priorities, while rolling out engaging and entertaining refreshers tailored to the current needs of their unique organization.

Key Features

Our Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz was designed to mimic today’s most popular, fun, and engaging games across the globe. Using short bursts of 60-second learning reinforcement, delivered by intuitive gaming that’s just the right amount of challenging, our Beat the Clock refresher quiz packs the key elements of your program into easily digestible and retainable nuggets of information.

The Integrity Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz is designed to be customized and branded; editing question content is easy using our text editor tool and the game’s interface is easily skinned to incorporate your branding and imagery.

Our refresher quiz seamlessly allows you to re-purpose already-created assessment questions from your existing compliance program, saving you time and money.

Available in any language that we offer for our compliance training, or gaming engine can be universally deployed and enjoyed.

Employees are no longer solely working at their desks, so our Beat the Clock refresher quiz honors this need for flexibility and can be accessed from almost any device, anywhere.

As part of an ongoing learning campaign used to reinforce your eLearning, the Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz allows detailed, question-level tracking per learner. This quick reporting snapshot provides an invaluable real-time survey of your organization’s competency and preparedness.

The Beat the Clock Refresher Quiz is the perfect supplement for any campaign-based learning program. For example, create meaningful calendar-based interventions, such as a quiz focused on phishing in September to celebrate “phishing month.”

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