Anti Harassment and Discrimination Training Module

“Help us guard against all forms of harassment and discrimination.”

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Training.

We all want to work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

  • In an environment built on mutual respect.
  • Where I’m valued for my contribution as a professional.
  • Rather than judging on how I look.
  • Or how I dress.

I want to be part of a workplace that values who I am.

  • Because in some ways we’re all different.
  • And in other ways the same.
  • We all deserve to feel safe.
  • To work free from intimidation, abuse, or hostile behaviour
  • Where I can speak up without fear of recrimination or retaliation.
  • Where we can all thrive.

I want to be part of the generation that creates a workplace free from harassment.

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Training Requirement in California and Connecticut.

State law in California and Connecticut mandates that all employers with 50 or more employees provide two hours of sexual harassment training for all staff in a supervisory position. This training fulfils that requirement.

This content is an extract from the anti-harassment and discrimination course.

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