How can we take action on Harassment and Discrimination?

Taking Action on Harassment and Discrimination

Our company has policies and procedures in place in relation to harassment and discrimination. It’s up to you to make sure you know what to do if you experience harassment and discrimination, as a victim or a witness.
Knowing how to report and highlight incidences of harassment and discrimination makes for a better workplace.

Remember, to help create a socially inclusive and accepting work environment, you should:

  • Guard against harassment and discrimination.
  • Know you are protected from retaliation.
  • Report harassment and discrimination.

If you ever have any queries on who to report instances of harassment and discrimination to, you can find out who you can contact here.

California Harassment and Discrimination Law 

State law requires that you complete 2 hours of Anti-Harassment and Discrimination training.

When you have spent 2 hours in this training, the Next arrow will unlock and you can progress to the final screen in the module  where you will be asked to attest that you will always adhere to our anti-harassment and discrimination policies.

Select each statement to confirm that you will always adhere to our anti-harassment and discrimination policy.

  • I have read our anti-harassment and discrimination policies.
  • I will follow all policies related to anti-harassment and discrimination at all times.
  • I will report any instances of harassment or discrimination that I witness or am subject to.
  • I will not partake in any form of harassment, discrimination, bullying, or retaliation.
Download our Anti Harassment and Discrimination booklet.
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