A Closer Look at the Benefits of Taking Your Compliance Training Online

Compliance training is an essential consideration for all businesses. However, deciding on the right platform can be daunting. Do you go the traditional, in-person class route? Would a blended course be better? Would taking your compliance training online be the better decision? Increasingly, going the all-online route is the preferred option due to the range of benefits available through online compliance training courses.

How might those benefits apply to your business?

Improved Engagement

We’ll begin with engagement. It’s sad, but traditional compliance training sessions are, well, boring. They’re dull. That lack of engagement means that your employees are only retaining a portion of the information they learn in class. Compliance training online ensures that your employees are much more engaged. This is done through a combination of gamification and storytelling that breaks up the monotony and may even make training fun.

Branching Scenarios

Another benefit of compliance training online is the ability to complete branching scenarios. Essentially, these let your employees explore the consequences of their decisions and actions, and how their decisions impact the world around them.

Easy to Digest Chunks

In-person compliance training usually covers a wide range of information in each session, making it hard for employees to digest what they have learned and retain it. With compliance training online, you can “chunk” your content and make it more digestible and easily understandable. That speaks directly to knowledge retention, which is really what compliance training is all about. After all, what good does training do if your employees cannot apply that knowledge to the real world?


While all businesses must worry about compliance, their needs vary greatly. This means that there are no one-size-fits-all software options. The good news is that with compliance training online, you can customise the material to fit your industry, niche, individual business, and even specific employee needs and requirements.

Globally Available

If you operate a business with a distributed workforce, you know the challenges involved with orchestrating compliance training in person. Online compliance training courses get around those issues easily and are available globally. All your employees need is a device with an Internet connection.

Always Up to Date

In the past, companies created their own compliance programmes and were then responsible for ensuring that they were up to date at all times. That was time-consuming, costly, and often impossible. With compliance training online, the onus of updating falls on the host, meaning that you are able to save time, money, and hassle while ensuring that your employees always have access to up to date training material.

Constant Monitoring

As a business owner or decision maker, it is your responsibility to ensure that you know where each employee is in terms of compliance training at all times. That was difficult to do with older training methods, but compliance training online simplifies it through real-time reporting and central dashboards. With these tools, you can monitor all employees and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This also helps to safeguard against hidden issues that might be lurking under the surface.

Less Time and Money Spent

Finally, compliance training online ensures that your employees can spend less time in training (with better knowledge retention) and that your business is able to spend less money on training overall. It’s a win-win.

While online compliance training programmes are not perfect, they are a significant step up from traditional training options. They enable better knowledge retention, reduce the cost of training, and help you build a better workforce without worrying about non-compliance.

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