6 Tips to Improve Your Corporate Compliance Training

As a decision maker, do you struggle to ensure that your distributed workforce is actively engaged with corporate compliance training? Even small and mid-sized businesses can be stymied here – managing 1,000 or more employees over numerous different geographic areas can be even more daunting. Thankfully, there are ways that you can improve corporate compliance training completion rates and knowledge retention. We’ll review some of the most critical tips below.

1.Personalise and Tailor Your Content

One of the most critical tips for improved corporate compliance training is that you must personalise and tailor the content to the individual employee. With a large workforce distributed across many different areas, it becomes imperative that your compliance training materials be developed to meet a wide range of cultural expectations and needs, as well as national government and industry rules and regulations. Even seemingly similar nations like the UK and US have dramatically different laws and cultures. Develop personalised content for each audience to ensure engagement and resonance.

2. Chunk or Burst Learning

Your employees have limited attention spans. The more information you try to cram into a learning session, the less they will ultimately retain. Chunking, or burst learning as it is sometimes called, is the practice of breaking a larger training session down into smaller pieces. These manageable “chunks” are much more easily digested and retained, allowing your employees to build a stronger understanding of compliance-related material and apply it in their everyday responsibilities within your business. This also speaks to training frequency, allowing more frequent training sessions with shorter durations, which minimises the impact on your business and your employees’ schedules.

3. Use Gamification

Human beings love playing games. It crosses cultural and national boundaries in ways that few other things can. This makes game-playing an excellent addition to your corporate compliance training. Gamification is nothing more than taking your training material and transforming it into something fun and engaging, rather than dull and boring. It can include things like having leader boards to make learning more competitive, but also the creation of animations that help drive home key concepts in your training.

4. Use Real World Scenarios

If at all possible, tie your corporate compliance training into real world scenarios. This will help ensure that your employees can connect what they are learning to what they experience in the workplace. Try to use actual situations that have occurred, if not within your own business, then with others in your industry.

5. Use Different Techniques

Different people have dramatically different learning preferences. For instance, some people learn better by watching, while others learn better by listening, and yet others do best when they can actually be hands-on with the material. In order to improve your corporate compliance training, you should use a number of different techniques. Mix it up with multiple choice sections, animation, games, video content, audio segments, and more. The key is to keep it from becoming monotonous. That forces your employees to disengage and reduces the amount of information they retain.

6. Explore Mobile Training

With a large and distributed workforce, you must think beyond an on-site training centre. Give your employees a range of training solutions to meet their unique needs and situations. Mobile training allows employees to complete their training from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring that they can take their learning outside the workplace.

Other considerations include regular auditing of employee training progress, reminders to employees who need to retake certain portions of the material, and even taking a collaborative approach to training. These are just a few important tips to help improve your corporate compliance training.

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